Bathroom Basics

When my family made the decision to go zero waste, I was mainly thinking about the kitchen, probably because I am a chef and my entire life revolves around food, but I totally forgot about the bathroom! I truly didn't realize all of the trash that our bathroom was producing, and holy moly, it was (and still is) a lot! We are still transitioning out of all of our conventional products, if you read my first blog entry you know that I am very against throwing away perfectly usable products just to replace them with eco friendly ones, so our progress is slow but promising.

In this post I wanted to talk about a few products I have already transitioned to, as well as some homemade recipes that I have tried out.


Deodorant! This was a tough one for us. My husband has a severe reaction to any deodorant that contains baking soda, so that excluded a lot of the recipes on the internet, and we are vegan so we don't use bees wax, which made our options even slimmer. I ended up landing on a super simple recipe that I am enjoying for the fall/winter months, but will definitely need to tweak in order to make more effective for the warmer months in Texas. (Note: I didn't have magnesium oil, so I left that out. I am sure it would help with the strength of the deodorant.)

*I purchased my glass spray bottles from Whole Foods in the cosmetic section.

I also wanted to add that if you plan to make solid deodorant just clean the plastic deodorant containers from old conventional products you probably have in your bathroom right now. This will save you money, and is eco friendly because you're not buying something new!


My bathroom sink set up has definitely changed since going zero waste. No more liquid soap, no more plastic tooth brushes, and no more traditional tooth paste. (We ran out of all of these things, nothing was thrown away.)

The circular soap was purchased from Whole Foods, it has no label so I can't remember what the brand is, but it's only $2.49 and I love it! I use it for hands and body. The rectangular soap is olive rosemary and was handmade by a family friend.

Our toothbrushes are bamboo and from Whole Foods. I love that they are eco friendly, but they are a little thick which makes brushing feel a bit odd.

The toothpaste was made by me and is comprised of coconut oil, baking soda, bentonite clay, peppermint extract and stevia. I am not in love with this recipe, but it's working for now.

Our mouthwash is still the old stuff, vegan/cruelty free, but not zero waste, so I will be needing a recipe soon.


Here are my two shower essentials. A bar of soap for my body, same as the one above, and a bar of soap for my hair. I use J.R. Liggett's brand for my shampoo bar and am in love! I get mine from Central Market for under $6, but you can get it at Whole Foods for a bit more. I was skeptical, but this bar made a believer out of me! So far I haven't needed a conditioner, I just use whatever is left over on my hands from moisturizing my face with Vitamin E oil.


Hair color. I have been coloring my hair black since 7th grade, with the exception of maybe three years where I tried other colors. I love it, and it just feel like me. I was super sad when I thought I would have to give up coloring my hair, and then super excited when I found out that Lush had a zero waste henna hair color! I haven't used this yet, but plan to do a separate entry once I do about the experience and the results. It takes about 4 hours, so maybe on a Saturday when I have nothing else to do. ;)


Dry Shampoo AKA My Freaking Life Saver! I was going through about 1 can of natural dry shampoo per month, which is a whole lot of waste. This recipe is super easy and makes my hair look and smell great.

1/2 Cup Corn Starch or Arrow Root Powder

2 Tbsp Bentonite Clay

2 Tbsp Dark Cocoa Powder (If you have light hair, omit.)

4 drops Essential Oil- Optional. I used Lavender.

Add everything into a jar and shake super well. Use an old makeup brush to apply and then brush out. Done!


Here are still many things in my bathroom that I am still using up, so as I need to purchase eco friendly replacements, or make new recipes I will create more entries with updates. (Razors, makeup, mouth wash, lotion.)


Thank you guys for reading this post, I hope it helped you out! Feel free to comment below with any questions.